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3 Easy Morning Habits That Will Plump Your Skin & Restore Collagen


Face massage.

Regular facial massage has been shown to increase blood flow to the face1 and deliver much-needed nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells–which, in turn, has been shown to help with fine lines, promote collagen synthesis, and even tone. Not to mention, gently kneading your skin can help drain morning puffiness–and, well, a face massage just feels heavenly in the a.m.

Personally, I prefer to massage in my oil cleanser; it provides more than enough slip, but because I wash it off, I won’t wind up with oil-slick skin at the end of my morning routine. Select your cleansing oil du jour, then proceed with our nine-step facial massage tutorial (no special tools necessary).


Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is vital for collagen production: Your body can’t even effectively produce collagen without the antioxidant2. Vitamin C is actually able to promote fibroblast production3, tend to damaged collagen DNA, and regulate collagen synthesis4 (read more about the collagen and vitamin C connection here).

That said, make sure you get enough vitamin C in your diet (or you can take supplements, if you need a little extra help). But vitamin C can help when used topically as well: Again, it plays a role in the collagen synthesis process and helps stabilize the existing collagen5 in your body, leading to overall wrinkle reduction. Most experts recommend applying vitamin C in the morning, since the antioxidant works with sunscreen to provide amped up UV protection–and UV damage accelerates collagen decline.

You can discover our favorite vitamin C serums here, which includes options for every skin type and price point.


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Collagen coffee.

Here’s the thing: If you’re serious about restoring collagen, you should have a collagen supplement in your arsenal. Research shows they are able to enhance your body’s own collagen production6 by stimulating fibroblasts, those same cells that make collagen and elastin to begin with. Translation? They literally can restore your natural collagen levels.

As a result, clinical research has shown that collagen can support skin elasticity7 and make fine lines appear smaller. And a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial found that participants’ moisture levels in the skin were seven times higher8 than those who did not take collagen supplements.

Convinced yet? You can find our favorite collagen supplements here, all backed by a nutrition Ph.D. Once you find one you love, stir it into your morning coffee for a daily skin-supporting sip. Or feel free to toss a serving into your go-to smoothie–there are plenty of ways you can make your morning menu oh-so skin-loving.


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The takeaway.

With skin care, tiny, everyday habits can do a ton of heavy lifting. Try adding these three practices to your morning routine for a few weeks, and we bet you’ll see a difference in your skin’s quality.

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