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3 Expert-Backed, Poop-Promoting Tips We Can’t Stop Thinking About

It’s no secret that following a balanced and nourishing diet is one of the best ways to support your overall well-being, particularly when it comes to hitting the restroom. Fiber-rich foods are essential to maintaining regularity, as they can add some necessary bulk to your stool and keep things moving smoothly. “High-fiber foods increase frequency of normal bowel movements, help increase gut motility, and can even increase stool volume,” Tanya Zuckerbrot, R.D. once told mbg. “Fiber is nature’s broom.”

As for which fibrous foods will clear out your gut most effectively, Will Bulsiewicz, M.D., MSCI suggests starting with prunes, oats, chia seeds, and ground flax. Take note that adding too much fiber at once can cause bloating instead of the desired effect, so it’s best to gradually introduce this nutrient into your diet if you’re not presently eating very much.

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