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3 Expert Tips To Help You Take That Leap Of Faith (Even If It’s Scary)

As you try to reframe your uncertainties into possibilities, you might run into some self-doubt. It’s way more common than you think: “Our brains [are wired] to have the idea of, ‘Oh my gosh, what if I’m going to fail at this? What if it’s not gonna work?'” says Susannah.

The first step is to recognize that self-doubt happens to everyone–so don’t try to squash the fearful thoughts or beat yourself up for having those doubtful feelings. Acknowledge those doubts, says Susannah, then just be yourself.

We know, we know–it sounds a bit cheesy. But according to the Furr’s, if you follow the true essence of who you are, you really can never go wrong. Truly being yourself means you’re not following any one path or person, and not even scary self-doubts can take that away. “If you have confidence in yourself as you are in that moment and not trying to make stuff up or fake people out, you actually will grow your confidence,” says Susannah. Nathan seconds the advice: “Just be you, and then you can be confident whatever you do.”

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