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3 Huge Lash Mistakes This Specialist Sees All The Time

In the episode we cover all the lash and brow care basics you need to know (“I love this because lash and brow basics are the same,” she says.) But my interest was particularly piqued about the lash care section, where we get into some major lash mistakes that are all too common. “I think a lot of us are in a cycle of lash abuse and we don’t realize it,” she tells me. “Lashes slowly pulling away, and as you get older, that damage becomes permanent.”

Not exfoliating or conditioning.

“Your lash basics are daily exfoliation and hydration,” she says. If this sounds like new info, don’t worry, I, too, have not been doing this.

When she talks about exfoliating the lashes, she’s certainly not advocating using something like a scrub in the area. Instead, “you just want to take a dry spoolie and brush through your lashes every day,” she says. “I don’t think people understand that your lashes are there to collect dust and debris from the day. The hair is there to keep things out of your eyes. So at the end of the night, it is to give them a little brush.”

As for the conditioning part, Imani opts for a simple castor oil or coconut oil. “The lash line can get dry, and it might be blocking some growth,” she says, noting that you can just swipe a small amount along the lash line with your fingers. “A little bit of oil every night, and you will realize that in six to eight weeks you have different lashes.”

Curler overuse.

This may be a tough pill to swallow, but Imani says it’s time to put down the lash curler.

“I think this needs to be spread far and wide: Your lash curler hates you and is killing your lashes,” she says. “They’re stressing out your lash line and pulling out lashes whether you realize it or not.”

For folks who feel they need a little lift to their lashes, she recommends a keratin lash lift: “Everyone qualifies for a lash lift,” she says. “This really helps because what a lash lift is doing is breaking down the protein in your lash and then supplying it with even more protein. But now your lashes are curled up, tinted, and lifted. Therefore, you’re going to stop touching your lashes.”


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Wearing waterproof mascara.

The last lash red flag is waterproof mascara. “In order for waterproof mascara to stick on your lashes, it dehydrates and strips the hair,” she says. “That’s why they won’t move and are hard to get off. The harder a mascara is to get off, the worse it probably is for your hair.”

Not only is this stripping of the hair fiber, but this can lead to breakage: “In the process, it’s also breaking off your lashes and chipping them at the tips,” she says, noting that this will lead to a repeated cycle of use. “People will then keep using this type of mascara because they feel they have no lashes [and need a product that will build]. Eventually, you find yourself with very thin lashes.”

Don’t worry, you can still use regular mascara–and in fact, Imani notes that nowadays clean mascaras are quite spectacular.

For more tips, tune in.


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