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3 Hydrating Slushies That’ll Keep You Cool Even On The Hottest Days

For many, July 11 is just another scorching summer day. But for those of us craving some childhood nostalgia and perhaps a brain freeze, today is 7-Eleven Day–aka Free Slurpee Day. To honor the convenience store’s birthday (they turned 95 this year!), 7-Eleven invites customers to celebrate with a Slurpee on the house.

The timing could not be more perfect, as an icy beverage is a fun way to stay hydrated in the summer heat; as a child, I remember my mouth permanently tinged cherry-red for a significant chunk of the season. Although, most fruit slushies contain artificial colors and sweeteners, in case you couldn’t tell from the fluorescent flavors.

So in honor of the occasion, here are three healthy slushies you can easily make at home. Not only do they have less sugar than traditional blends, but they also come packed with antioxidants to help supercharge your skin and gut health.* And just like the neon Slurpees of your youth, they’re great for staying cool in the summer heat.

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