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3 Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care Myths This Derm & New Mom Wants To Debunk

“I like to de-stigmatize ingredients for people because the vast majority of things that people are already using in their beauty routine, whether it’s makeup or skincare, are generally OK to use. It’s already a hard time, where people feel a lot of pressure to be perfect, and this is an area where we can ease a bit of that burden,” she says. “The list of ingredients you really shouldn’t use isn’t that long.” The main ones on that list? Retinol, hydroquinone, and minoxidil.

And anything else you choose to cut from your routine during this time is up to you: We are firm believers that everyone is entitled to use whatever ingredients suit their personal standards of “clean.” So how you want to approach your skin care routine during this time is very personal. But rest assured: The list of ingredients that M.D.s tell you that you need to cut out is quite short.

And, as Ellis says, if you choose to pare down your routine at this time, feel free. “Healthy aging is a life-long commitment–it’s OK to take a little break on your ‘anti-aging’ routine while pregnant,” she says. “Skin care ebbs-and-flows throughout your entire life.”

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