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3 Skin Care Habits Supermodel Miranda Kerr Does Every Day

“Healthy skin is the most beautiful skin. So if you feed it the right nutrients, both internally and externally, then it will really be at its best,” says Kerr.

Certainly her day is filled with liquids: “I start my day with 32 ounces of room temperature water with one lemon squeezed, and then after that I have 32 ounce answers of celery juice. I follow that with dandelion tea, or coffee if I need it. Later, I do a smoothie with spirulina, barley grass, frozen blueberries, banana, fresh orange juice, and seaweed,” she says.

It’s also nutrient dense, filled with fulfilling plant-based meals, the occasional protein, and indulgences. “We know how beneficial plant-based diets are,” she says. “But I also live the 80/20 lifestyle.”

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