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4 Words To Live By In The Days Ahead, According To Your Weekly Horoscope

Intellectual chemistry could ignite a serious case of the butterflies this Monday, January 9, as cosmic copilots Venus and Mars soar into a one-day air trine.

Venus is in innovative Aquarius, and Mars is in articulate Gemini, a recipe for radical experimentation…if you’re ready to go there. Interactions don’t have to get physical to send waves of energy rippling through your body. And bear in mind that Mars is retrograde until Thursday, so if you’re not 100% sure about this, ease in slowly. A flirty text may flicker across your screen, or a friend of a friend could be fetching enough to trade contact information. The dating apps could actually turn up a promising prospect, but so could a local hangout. If you’re in a relationship, send a playful DM and suggest meeting somewhere for a surprise date. Skip the same-old activities, and experiment with something new!

Two is the magic number again this Thursday, January 12, as passionate Mars blazes forward in persuasive Gemini, ending a dicey retrograde that began on October 30.

After weeks of resistance–up to 10!–the tension clears. It won’t take much convincing to get people on board with your grandiose schemes. But here’s the catch: If you want to maintain their trust, make sure you can deliver the goods.

The red planet is spending a rare seven months in the sign of the Twins–as opposed to its usual seven or eight weeks–so there’s no wriggling out of any promises, at least not without a penalty. Mars has been in Gemini since August 20, 2022, and will remain here until March 25, 2023. Between now and the start of spring, carefully vetted dynamic duos could take flight. Caution: This transit can also bring out the fast-talking charlatans and devil’s advocates who want to argue for argument’s sake, or worse, so keep your wits about you!

Addressing a conflict may be awkward, but avoiding it for another day could quickly create a much bigger mess come Saturday. Fortunately, the waning quarter moon in Libra swings in like a diplomat, helping you broach the topic gracefully. Keep a level head as you wade into potentially turbulent waters–and stay on the high road, even if you’re feeling wounded or attacked. If you have the facts on your side, you have nothing to worry about. But how sure are you that you haven’t overlooked any details? A little digging may reveal that you’re the one who needs to extend an apology. (Yikes!) If you discover that you were in error, own it. With gracious Libra guiding the amends-making, the key to dissolving tension might involve a large bouquet of flowers and a lavish dinner, your treat.


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Despite the peacekeeping balance of this lunation, stormy emotions and short fuses could make it hard to relax on Saturday as peaceful Venus in Aquarius spins into a stressful square with volatile Uranus in Taurus.

Brace yourself. People will clamor for your attention and make demands on your time. Meanwhile, all you want is a little bit of space! It’s tempting to react when you feel cornered, but take a breather before clapping back or firing off an incendiary email. Even the sweetest souls could snap with little provocation.

Feeling bored or claustrophobic in a relationship? You could be tempted to bolt or blur the line between “spontaneous” and “recklessly impulsive.” Better just to take a timeout than to make any rash and hard-to-reverse moves.

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