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5 Fun & Creative Ways To Release Negative Energy Out In Nature

Cultures all around the world use water to cleanse and purify. The ancient Greeks bathed in rivers and springs before participating in healing rituals; in the Islamic tradition, people wash their hands and face as a way to cleanse their body and soul before prayer, whereas Christians use baptism to purify and anoint newborn babies.

Energetically, water’s essence cleanses residual energy we may have picked up in our day-to-day activities. Residual energy includes emotional or mental imprints that other people have left in physical or digital spaces or energy we’ve previously left in a space that still lingers there.

Next time you find yourself near a body of water such as a river, lake, waterfall, or the ocean, take a mindful moment to breathe and connect with the water’s cleansing qualities. Once you’ve done so, ceremonially walk into the water (provided that it’s safe) and briefly submerge yourself, visualizing all the residual energy you’ve picked up, washing away and dissolving into the water. As you walk out, affirm that you’re cleansed of what no longer serves you.

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