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6 Out-Of-The-Box Ideas For A More Creative & Spontaneous Summer

For you, nothing says summertime like the thrill of passport stamps and touching down in a new country. Pull up your Pinterest board, grab your passport, and plan a trip to the destination you’ve been dreaming about. No need to rally the troops, a solo trip gallivanting around foreign lands is just what the doctor ordered. Planning your own itinerary, moving at your own pace, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is what this season is all about.

Take it up a notch:

Instead of opting for a poolside stay or all-inclusive resort, go the more authentic route. Rent a local apartment or room in a niche boutique hotel or bed-and-breakfast. Choose a city that gives you the opportunity to try new foods, listen to new music, and speak a new language. Open yourself up to a new culture and way of living!

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