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7 Ways To Improve Your Short- & Long-Term Memory, From Neuroscientists

With all of the distractions and chaos of modern life, it’s easy for your train of thought to derail or forget your grocery list as soon as you enter the store. To be honest, my memory just isn’t as sharp as it was when I was regularly studying vocab flashcards in high school. And sometimes, when I walk into the kitchen, I forget why I was going in there in the first place (btw, the doorway effect is real).

Of course, it’s all a function of modern life, but it’s incredibly annoying, to say the least. It’s one thing when you can’t remember to buy oat milk, but another when you’re trying to recall the specifics of that magical second date with your now-spouse.

Memory is kind of everything, and we can be doing more to appreciate it, nurture the memories we have, and optimize our brains to better remember in the future. If you’re interested in nourishing your brain and seeing just how well it can perform, we have the tips for you with both short-term memory strategies and long-term brain health tips that will keep your brain thriving and you remembering for years to come.

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