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75% Of Singles Want To Avoid This Common First-Date Activity, Hinge Finds

“Want to grab a drink?” has become an easy fallback for people suggesting a first date. Sure, it’s a relatively quick option if you aren’t sure how the date is going to go, plus a drink or two can help with first-date jitters. But according to new data on Hinge users, a majority of singles would rather forgo booze on the first date–75% of them, in fact.

Based on the data Hinge collected from over 3,000 respondents this May, people want to dip into the dating pool without a drink in their hand, especially on the first date. Some 75% said they’d prefer a sober date the first time they meet someone, with 55% saying they preferred it specifically because it allows them to have a clear mind while getting to know someone.

Interestingly, according to the findings, millennials are 50% more likely than younger generations to report they drank alcohol on a date when they would have preferred not to–so it seems the Gen Z’ers are making their own rules these days.

And another thing to keep in mind? Two out of three Hinge users said it would be a deal-breaker if someone drank too much on the first date–so if you do happen to go out for drinks, keep that in mind.

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