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7,500+ Reviewers Gave This Massage Gun A Perfect Rating & It’s 50% Off


Perhaps the most compelling argument for this budget-friendly device was made by a reviewer who claimed it was “just as good” as name brand options for a fraction of the price–and they weren’t the only one. Dozens of reviews called the Aerlang design a great alternative for those on a budget, and it’s easy to see why.

The battery-operated tool offers 20 percussion speeds, which refers to how quickly the massage gun head moves back and forth into the muscles. Many devices cap out around 2,400 RPM–including the Theragun G3–but the Aerlang design peaks at 2,600 RPMS. This max speed is only possible due to the brushless motor, which allows the head to powerfully penetrate muscles.

When you’re ready to use the massage gun, you’ll start by choosing between six included massage heads. Each design correlates to a different part of the body, including the legs, back, and even shoulder muscles. Once you’ve attached the head, you simply use the LCD screen to adjust the intensity level to create your perfect treatment.

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