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A 69-Year-Old Entrepreneur’s Nonnegotiable Tips For Age-Defying Energy Levels

Sisson doesn’t believe one type of exercise is the best for vibrant energy levels. Whatever you choose, though, it must be fun: I haven’t run a mile in 25 years,” he says. Rather, “I started playing games. I started playing ultimate Frisbee, so I’m doing a lot of running, but I’m not going out and running 10 miles,” he says. Sisson also loves to paddleboard and ride his fat bike on Miami beach–both of which require a blend of strength and cardio. “[It] keeps me lean, fit and entertained enough without really having to manage pain,” he explains.

That way, exercise feels more like a fun, energetic activity than a chore. And when you love a specific type of workout, chances are you’ll engage in the movement more often.

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