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A Nutrition Ph.D.’s Guide To Getting Enough Magnesium Every Day

“I do not think it’s widely appreciated how high magnesium daily needs truly are (for women and men, young and older), and how intentional we need to be to achieve those needs,” says Ferira.

You see, while a number of healthy foods contain magnesium, it’s not in high enough amounts to make a significant dent in this daily requirement. (An adult man would have to eat upwards of seven avocados a day to reach 420 milligrams, for example.) And industrial farming practices are stripping foods of the essential mineral even more. It’s no wonder 43% of U.S. adults currently fail to meet their daily magnesium needs through diet alone.

Taking a food-first approach is always a smart move. But for these reasons, in the case of magnesium, Ferira says supplementation is often needed to “mind your gaps,” she explains. With that being said, you won’t be able to just take a multivitamin that contains some magnesium and call it a day, either. She notes that the macromineral is bulky, so fitting larger amounts of it in 1 to 2 capsules just isn’t feasible.

So, to fulfill your daily magnesium needs without driving yourself crazy, she recommends taking a two-pronged approach that utilizes food and supplements.

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