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A Personal Trainer’s Secret To Feeling Great Daily (Nope, Not A Workout!)

“Look, if someone’s telling you that some magic pill is going to fix all your problems, they’re not telling you the truth. And I’m not telling you that today either,” McCollough says.

“We can work out, meditate, eat all the whole food we want, and still sometimes not feel our best. I know, for me personally–and my clients–we’re trying to feel great. So, this is why I’m recommending you check out my friends at mindbodygreen and their multivitamin.”

Why Todd McCollough trusts ultimate multivitamin+.

McCollough believes in taking care of each element of your well-being every day–i.e., moving your body, incorporating a spiritual practice, nurturing your mental health, and optimizing your diet with nutrient-dense foods and tailored supplementation.

He finds that with the right nutritional strategy, you can ensure your body is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals you need. And considering 40% of the American population1 is missing the mark on nutritional sufficiency for at least eight essential nutrients, it’s highly probable you aren’t getting all the nutrients you need from food alone.

That’s why McCollough recommends you check out mindbodygreen’s next-generation multivitamin formula, which is “filled with minerals and supplements to help you feel your best as you age.”


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The takeaway.

With 33 premium ingredients (that’s 14 vitamins, 13 minerals, and six longevity botanicals, to be exact), ultimate multivitamin+ delivers a complete array of essential nutrients for whole-body health, plus added plant bioactives to enhance your healthspan today and down the road.*

Whether you’re a fitness expert like McCollough, a time-crunched executive trying to optimize your nutrition in between meetings, or a busy parent juggling the well-being of yourself and your kids, this comprehensive multi can help you bridge nutrient gaps and feel your best for years to come.*

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.

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