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A Quick Trick To Incorporate Aromatherapy Into Your Routine (Nope, Not A Candle)

Our clean formula is also made from safe, naturally-derived ingredients, so you can use it wherever, whenever, and worry-free. Whether you choose to utilize your spray in the morning, mid-day, or evening you’ll be surrounded by a tranquil scent. Although, we don’t recommend you spray it–or any aromatherapy mist, for that matter–directly on your skin. This is a pillow spray, not a perfume!

A major bonus? The mist is travel-friendly, so you can keep it in your bag to serve some aromatherapy on the go. At 59 milliliters, the bottle is also carry-on approved–just in case you ever want to give your seat a spritz mid-flight. Let the calming notes transport you to dreamland as you soar through the air.

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