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An Astrologer-Approved Action Plan For Getting Through This Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrogrades are notorious for causing issues in relationships, from communication confusion, to bringing exes from the past back into your life. And since Mercury is going retrograde in Libra, which is a very relationship-oriented sign, there’s going to be extra emphasis on the relationship-front.

As Racioppi says, Libra is all about balance and justice. So during this retrograde, get clear on relationship dynamics and how you’re showing up to others, as well as your relationship to justice, truth, and your own values.

On top of that, retrograde periods are a time to reflect and go inward, and this one is no exception. Racioppi tells mbg it can be helpful to think about what this period of adjustment can mean for you as we all transition to a new season. “How can we use this period of adjustment to transition, to get our priorities right, to get our values right, to make sure we’re doing the best we can? Because on a macro level, we’re flailing, but on a micro level, we can still be activating meaning,” she explains.

This will look personal to everyone, she adds, but ultimately, the call-to-action is to, in fact, not worry so much about action, and take time to consciously reflect and regroup.

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