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An Easy Weeknight Rigatoni Dish Packed With Healthy Fats

When you imagine cooking a delicious, flavorful meal, there’s a good chance the thought is accompanied with the idea that you’ll need to dedicate hours in the kitchen to achieve the final product. While this may be true for some more elaborate dishes, pasta is perhaps one of the easiest meals to elevate with minimal effort.

Take, for example, this rigatoni dish from author Odette Williams‘ new cookbook Simple Pasta, complete with tuna, fennel, lemon, and olives. Not only is this fresh dish loaded with healthy fats and zesty flavor, but it comes together quickly for an easy weeknight meal that will impress even your pickiest guests.

Perfect for a cozy fall evening that requires an equally refreshing dish to set the mood, the fennel and lemon of this pasta pair stunningly with tuna to create your new favorite dinner menu item.

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