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I felt a lot better on Sunday so went for about a 3 hour harder ride. I did a lot of standing on my Sirrus upright (unassisted). It’s interesting contrasting this with my similar Vado which has electric assist. The Sirrus is fun to ride in a different way because it is lighter so feels “snappier”, even though I’m actually going a little slower. I did some standing sprints on the way back too. I do a couple of hard rides like this a week these days. I also do two days of harder upper body workouts. I combine one of the upper and lower hard days into a single session, so this gives me four easier days in between. I find this is enough to recover. If I try to do more than that I can tell it’s too much because I feel unenthusiastic about doing a harder session. If I’m adequately recovered, I’m raring to go. I’ve also tried more scientific measures like heart rate variability in the past, but this “by feel” method works fine for me.

Foothills and Mountains to the West seen past the grass farm on Dougherty ave.

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