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Bike to Vasona Lake Then Paddling

Today I finally found the time to try out my idea of riding my e-bike to Vasona Lake and then Kayaking. I did a trial run proving the route was safe last week. Today I made it to Vasona in 95 minutes. The route through San Jose and Los Gatos is fine, but not particularly pleasant as there is a good bit of urban riding on busy streets. Even though they have bike lanes, there is substantial traffic and red lights to deal with.

It was pleasant once I was on the water, starting about 11:30 AM (rentals open at 11). It wasn’t too hot today, I forgot how exposed you are out on the lake. Fortunately, I had a good amount of sunscreen on and a “safari hat” and neck gaiter for protection.

On the ride back I stood up to pedal more of the way, and also had a bit of a headwind, so it took almost two hours. All in all, it was an adventure.

Entering Vasona Lake County ParkBoat Rental AreaThe Dam on Los Gatos Creek That Forms Vasona LakeLooking Towards The Foothills near Los Gatos

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