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Blue Light Is Everywhere (Not Just In Screens) — How To Protect Yourself 24/7

“If we don’t have adequate macular pigment levels to filter out the blue light, it causes oxidative stress,” Rai explains, noting that this can “ultimately result in structural and functional alterations within the eye,” which isn’t ideal for vision longevity.

According to a 2016 randomized controlled trial published in Experimental Eye Research, daily supplementation with lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids has clearly been shown to increase MPOD.* “MPOD is not only a measure of regular carotenoid intake and nutritional status, but is also a physiological measure, or proof, of light filtering “power” from these botanical bioactives,” explains Ferira.

Additionally, the intrinsic and potent antioxidant properties of these unique xanthophyll carotenoids are beneficial in fighting oxidative stress caused by blue light and protecting the central retina.*

“While this duo of macular carotenoid superstars is found in certain plants (think: leafy greens and some fruits), our nation is underconsuming them,” shares Ferira. In addition to eating more of these nutrient-dense foods, you’ll reap the benefits of concentrated, daily doses of lutein and zeaxanthin in targeted supplements.

Designed with visual performance in this modern, digital age in mind–a high-quality, comprehensive eye supplement like mbg’s eye health+ can help give your eyes the specialized daily care they crave.*

In this wholly plant-powered vegan formula, eye health+ combines full-potency (clinically researched) doses of lutein and zeaxanthin alongside other eye health superheroes astaxanthin (a powerful carotenoid working in the front of the eyes), Patagonian maqui berry, and saffron flower extract to combat digital eye strain, blue light, oxidative stress, eye dryness, and more.* (Did we mention that was all in just one daily capsule?)

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