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Can Face Taping Actually Reduce Wrinkles? Even We Were Shocked By The Results

Let holistic plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, M.D., set the record straight: “Putting tape on your forehead in general is not going to make wrinkles better,” he says in a duet video. “It’s just a way to remind yourself to limit the movement of your eyebrows.” You see, the forehead lines in question are technically a type of expression wrinkle, or wrinkles that happen when you activate underlying facial muscles. As vital skin components like collagen decrease over time (i.e., as you age), your skin isn’t as able to bounce back from these movements.

And minding your facial movements can certainly help prevent those expression lines from settling in. That’s not to say you should never raise your eyebrows ever again–just be mindful of how your face rests when you’re not actively engaging. If you need to tape your forehead down to encourage those muscles to rest, that’s fine; the tape can even keep your forehead from unconsciously crinkling up while you sleep (which is why the user sticks them on overnight).

Just know that the tape alone is not going to magically erase those etchings. “It’s not going to reduce lines,” adds Youn. “It’s just a reminder not to make them yourself.”

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