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Can This Beauty Supplement Give You A Whiter Smile? Even We Were Surprised

The oral beauty bracket is certainly making a splash, with new and improved products that promise to enhance and strengthen your smile (without completely blasting your oral microbiome). Think gentle whitening strips, non-antiseptic mouth rinses, and…supplements?

Don’t scoff just yet: “I was pleasantly surprised to see my skin firmer and more supple but had the most unexpected outcomes as well,” notes Lynn in a review of mindbodygreen’s cellular beauty+. “I have two teeth in particular that have been seemingly stained for years from what I thought was exposure to coffee, teas, wine, etc. Those teeth are now perfectly white. Nothing a whitening toothpaste has ever accomplished.”*

We know beauty supplements are brimming with star ingredients for skin, hair, and nails, but can we add oral health to the r?sum??* Perhaps–but it’s not as simple as you think.

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