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Truth be told, I’ve never understood the fuss about mayo. It’s flavorless and weird. And what’s the deal with the raw eggs? One day, I bought vegan chipotle mayo because I was in a rush and needed a dipping sauce for my yam fries. I was taking them to a party and thought, People like mayo, right? This will work. Anyway, I tried it. Now I can’t get enough of the stuff.

The mayonnaise industry is a $13.5-billion-dollar one. And if you were trying to get into it, you might think that the competition is stiff and there’s no room for you. You might say that it’s been done before, every kitchen already has a jar somewhere in the back of the fridge, and you’re outta luck.

No matter how many brands are on the market, there could be a Canadian gal standing in Whole Foods in a rush on a Friday night who would totally buy something a little different if it was there. That’s where your vegan chipotle mayo comes in.

Somebody wants what you’ve got, even if you keep discrediting it or don’t think it’s that special.

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