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Clarifying Shampoo Or Scalp Scrub: Which One Is Better For You?

Scalp care is at the forefront of hair care, and for good reason: The state of your scalp contributes to the look and feel of your strands. A healthy scalp translates to fast-growing, soft, shiny strands, and who doesn’t want that?

And to secure a lush, full mane, you need to regularly clean and stimulate your scalp. After all, a buildup of product, oil, and overall grime can suffocate the hair follicles and actually impede growth over time. You can find a plethora of scalp detoxing products on the market, which can get confusing in terms of which scalp-cleansing product to use.

One question I hear frequently as of late: Should I use a scalp scrub or a detox shampoo? I tapped trichologist and hair health expert Shab Reslan to find the answer.

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