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Don’t Ignore This Sneaky Sign You’re Going Through A Spiritual Awakening

The main thing to note here is that growing out of certain relationships following a spiritual awakening is not a bad thing. As Kaiser puts it, all relationships are divine assignments in that “we often come together to learn lessons that our souls need–and we grow from the partnerships–and when the growth and the lessons have been learned, it’s time to part ways.”

While it may not be fun or easy to accept, your soul will tell you when certain relationships are no longer working or serving you, and you’ll be better for walking away. (Here are some other signs it’s time to end a friendship.) “During a spiritual awakening, people will often see relationships that are no longer aligned to the new path they’re on, so it’s best to part ways so each person can be their truest expression of self.”

And this isn’t to say you’re judging or blaming friends, lovers, or family members for not being on the same path as you. In fact, quite the opposite, with a spiritual awakening allowing you to see and appreciate others for where they are. “Those who develop more spiritual awareness will often grow into more loving acceptance and unity consciousness,” Kaiser says, “so they will allow for others to be where they are in their own personal growth journey.”

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