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Every Time I Use This Styling Tool, Someone Asks Me If I Got A Blowout

I have my Dyson blow-dry routine down to a science at this point (thank you, TikTok tutorials), so I was curious how the new upgrades would measure up to my already stacked routine. After receiving a complementary Complete Long kit from the brand, I put the Airwrap to the test:

After using the rough dry attachment until my strands were about 80% dry, I started out with the firm smoothing brush. Immediately, I noticed how much more efficiently it dried my hair and tamed frizz, thanks to the re-engineered center airflow. Typically, I’ll use the paddle brush on the bottom layers of my hair, then grab the round brush attachment for the top to make sure I cover the roots and encourage a curl.

Finally, I used the curling attachments to secure said curl and create more volume at the ends. Just like the original Airwrap, the barrels captured my strands like a magnet, but the elongated design made the curls way looser–think bouncy beach waves rather than big, barrel curls.

Once I styled my full head of hair, it was time for the final touch: the flyaway-smoother. As I mentioned, I frequently deal with frizz and flyaways, and despite smoothing an oil down my strands, stubborn, frizzy hairs can easily poke out. A hairstylist recently told me it’s because I’m experiencing some new growth right now (which, after a stint of pandemic-induced shedding, I’m very happy about), which means those new, baby hairs can easily make my blowout puffy without some gentle manipulation.

No lie, this flyaway attachment helped lay the hairs down in about three seconds flat. Just take a peek at my before and after results below–the tool made my roots noticeably sleeker, and it does so without sacrificing the health of those fragile strands.

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