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Experiencing An Afternoon Crash? This Caffeine Nap Might Perk You Up

After reading about the potential perks of a caffeine nap, I had to try it for myself. Generally speaking, I’m a very sleepy person, and my ability to fall asleep anywhere, at any time has become laughable among my family and friends. Given my so-thought superpower of sleep, I assumed a caffeine nap had the potential to be effective–or, at the very least, easy.

Shortly after lunch, I usually hit a point in my day when I am undeniably groggy and unmotivated. I tend to feel a little down and just want to go to sleep. Upon hitting this afternoon crash, I decided to chug my blueberry-flavored coffee and try out the caffeine nap for myself.

My dog came upstairs with me and took his place at the bottom of my bed. I set the timer for 25 minutes. About 10 minutes later, I added an additional 10 minutes to the timer to give myself a bit more time to fall asleep.

The results: I didn’t actually fall asleep. Unfortunately, my sleepy superpower failed me in this moment of need. Lying in bed midday, I felt the caffeine racing through my body and couldn’t stop thinking about the time limit and worrying about reviewing the caffeine nap that would never come since my body refused to fall asleep.

In short, the pressure got to me. I can’t say it was a complete failure, though! After chugging a cup of coffee and resting for 30 minutes, I do feel a little more refreshed, a little less down, and more capable of tackling the rest of the day.

Was this just the placebo effect, or is there validity to feeling better after not sleeping, but simply resting? One Psychophysiology study supports my refreshed state despite not exactly falling asleep, identifying “non-sleep dozing” during a caffeine nap as effective at suppressing sleepiness, too.

Whether my brain is more focused from simply resting for 30 minutes or my spiraling thoughts inspired the trajectory of this article, I can honestly say it feels a bit easier to think, type, and write. So, who’s to say my caffeine nap wasn’t successful after all?

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