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Finally: A Body Lotion That Can *Actually* Soften Crepey Skin

And because larger sun-exposed areas tend to turn crepey most quickly (think: upper arms, neck, legs, etc.), you might want to snag a moisturizing body lotion that can easily cover all that surface area. An easy pick that’s been tried and tested? The mbg postbiotic body lotion. This formula contains more than a few barrier-specific ingredients, including aloe vera, coconut oil, moringa seed oil, squalene, oat oil, and fruit-derived vitamin B5.

We could spend all day discussing the cutting-edge ingredient list, but when it comes to the actual user experience, this body lotion yields soft and smooth results. Reviewers have particularly seen significant improvements in their skin texture: “My skin felt moisturized and not crepey/cracked all day! And I always have super dry skin, but especially in winter. Thumbs up for postbiotic lotion!,” notes Elizabeth W.

Another reviewer, Christina J., noticed improvements specifically for aging skin: “My skin is a ‘little’ older now, so what worked before isn’t as powerful as it once was. Within five to seven days of using this product, my scales disappeared, my skin looks nourished and is soft!,” she writes.

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