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Fire Up Your Legs (And Sneak In Some Cardio) With This Spicy Squat Variation

Squats are known for working your glutes, thighs, hips, and even core when engaged properly. And by adding a resistance band and jumps into the mix, you’re not only ensuring that your joints stay in alignment, but you’ll be working your muscles more.

And as Mason previously explained to mbg, she loves working out with a mini resistance band “because it adds an extra challenge to any bodyweight routine–and unlike bulkier equipment, a mini band is so easy to transport just about anywhere. Plus, this seemingly simple resistance loop is so versatile–taking bodyweight exercises for your back, legs, core, etc., to the next level.”

Plus, progressive jump squats are great for a quick, midday movement break, or, if you’re doing a lengthier workout, you can sprinkle them into the mix.

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