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Found: A Personal Color Test To Find Your Best Clothing & Makeup Hues

How to use a personal color test.

When I first tried the filter, I was immediately drawn to the colors that directly contrasted my skin tone or eye color. I figured it would be an intuitive process, but I quickly realized I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at were the right signs at all.

I found out that many people, like myself, look for colors they personally fancy or ones with highly contrasting tones, but that’s not actually the best way to do the test. According to stylist consultant Sarah Priest, you should look for the colors that appear most like your coloring, not the ones that contrast, as she notes in a TikTok tutorial.

To ensure you use this filter to its full potential, Priest recommends following this method:

Don’t wear any makeup. Pull your hair back. Stand in front of a window with natural daylight (not golden hour). Don’t wear any fake tan, tinted serums, etc. Align your face all the way into the oval opening, leaving no space around the edges.

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Once you find the color palette that suits you, you can do more research on the “color season” you’re assigned. For example, winter palettes consist of cool undertones and muted features, while autumn colors are warmer-toned with rich, deep hues.

Why does this matter? Well, once you find your color season, you’ll be able to hunt down eyeshadow colors, lipstick shades, and even clothing that will best complement your own undertones.

This doesn’t mean you should only follow your color palette, but it is certainly a helpful tool if you struggle to pick items that flatter your skin, hair, lips, etc. So why not give it a shot?

The takeaway.

When using a personal color test, it’s best to look for the colors that resemble your own coloring, rather than those that highly contrast it. Be sure to complete these tests with no makeup on and during broad daylight. Now, if this all seems like too much of a lift, you can start by simply learning about your undertones–here’s how.


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