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From 25 To 75: How To Promote Eye Health & Longevity At All Ages

On a foundational level, promoting eye health really comes down to doing the things that support overall health. No organ, including your precious eyes, are siloed from the whole body after all.

“People who live long and thrive are connected to nature, they eat natural foods, avoid the stressors of modern life, and keep physically, socially, and cognitively active,” says Billy Hammond, Ph.D., a vision science researcher at the University of Georgia. “The key, really, is to do this while also taking advantage of all that we have learned in decades of good scientific study.”

But there are eye-specific things you can do too, like getting your vision checked regularly and eating foods that are rich in certain nutrients and phytonutrients (like lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin C). Comprehensive vision performance supplements, like mbg’s eye health+, can also help support your eye health now–and down the road.*

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