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Fun Tuesday Group Ride

Yesterday was my regular Tuesday group ride. I wanted to get a bit more mileage in so I started earlier, and headed over to do some off-road riding at the Coyote Creek Trail. The only problem with starting early on a weekday is that my normal route to the east side goes right by Live Oak High School and the traffic is bad right before school starts. But I realized there was a back way I could take that avoids this, which worked great. After some fun riding in that area, I headed up to meet the group. We went up into the hills to the west via Day road, then headed south to the bike path along Uvas creek in Gilroy, then back north to Morgan Hill for lunch. I discovered another good use for electric assist: there was a brutal headwind for almost 10 miles on the way back. So I turned the assist on and provided a draft for those without it. Actually, two of us did this, my friend Bob led out a faster group with his e-bike and I took a second group with mine. It was fun to make it easier for those who wouldn’t have enjoyed this stretch without the benefit of drafting.

The back Way to Coyote Creek trail at the end of Barnett AveHeading towards Watsonville Road on the beautiful Day roadAt the Alpaca ranch along Burchell road. Unfortunately, they were a little shy today, the black one in the distance usually loves to come for close-ups. They appear to have been recently sheared, maybe they thought they were having a bad hair day.The Gang in Front of Me heading back on the bike path in Gilroy, before we got to the stretch with the headwind

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