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Got A Dad Who’s Invested In Longevity? This Is The Perfect Gift

As the founder of mindbodygreen, well-being is more than just my priority–it’s an all-encompassing lifestyle. Now, at 47 years old and a father to two young girls (ages 5.5 and 3 years old), I’ve really shifted my focus to longevity, or healthspan, at this stage in my life. I want to be able to run, play, hike, and goof around with my girls for many, many years to come–and feel great doing so.

With that said, I’ve become enamored with all things performance when it comes to longevity. I’m lucky enough to work with top doctors and experts in functional medicine to optimize my routine, as well as test the very best performance-enhancing gadgets in the industry (the rise of at-home longevity-minded, products, and technologies was one of our 2022 Wellness Trends, after all).

Here are some of my go-to products for dads looking to live a long, healthy life, so they can see their kids grow up to be the special humans that they are. Extra points if you are a #girldad like me!

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