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“Gym Lips” Is The Low-Key Makeup Trend You Need To Try ASAP

Despite the moniker, you can wear this lip look wherever you please–at the gym, on a hot girl walk, at the supermarket, out to dinner, etc. “It’s basically an overlined lip that I wear to the gym that’s really natural,” Sewell notes in a recent video. So if you’ve got a thing for minimal makeup looks, chances are you’ll fall in love with this easy trick.

“The key is to have a lip liner that is your lip color,” says Sewell. You may feel the urge to snag a deeper hue for a lip contour (as the richer color creates the illusion of shadow, resulting in plumper-looking lips), but you want the pigment as natural as possible here. In my humble opinion, the Kosas Hotliners are just divine–they’re creamy, hydrating, with a range of neutral shades.

Next: “Overline your lips and fill them in,” Sewell says. You’ll want to draw slightly above your natural lip line, but make sure to connect them to avoid any noticeable gaps. You’ll then want to fill in the rest of your pout with the same liner, so the color stays consistent (that’s why choosing a creamy, hydrating liner is key, since you’re applying it over the entire surface area).

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