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Heads Up: This Is The Best Way To Use Vitamin E For Glowing Skin

In some of the more popular videos reviewing this technique, fans claim that using the capsulated version of vitamin E will offer a higher concentration of the nutrient, compared to other face oils and moisturizers that already contain vitamin E (and typically come buffered with other added ingredients).

The truth is, “studies show very few benefits,” Shah explains. In fact, it may actually do more harm than good when used in this form: Again, the oil is incredibly thick and goopy, which can be pore-clogging for some. (That’s why it’s common in oily, waxy formulas, like lip balms.) It’s very uncommon, but topical vitamin E can also irritate sensitive skin, which is why experts always recommend patch-testing vitamin E oil before applying it directly to your face.

However, Shah does state that, “vitamin E has a ton of antioxidant benefits,” which is one of the reasons why many people ingest those vitamin E capsules TikTokers are breaking open.

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