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Here’s How To Tell If Your Blood Sugar Is Spiking & If It’s Crashing

So, how can you tell if your blood sugar is spiking? In the short term, Inchauspe says you might feel really hungry (even right you eat), experience an energy slump after a meal, or have cravings for sweets. Blood sugar spikes can also affect your sleep, making it more likely that you’ll toss and turn that night.

“Sometimes people who experience a blood sugar spike may feel ‘buzzy’–a little jittery or anxious, or like they’re a bit out of balance,” adds Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RDN. She says that increased thirst, headaches, inability to focus, confusion, and blurred vision can also signal a blood sugar spike, but these signs usually only occur if your blood sugar is elevated above a normal range and often warrant a check in with your healthcare provider.

In summary, blood sugar spike symptoms can include:

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