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“Hot Girl Nightstands” Are A Thing — And These 7 Products Belong On Yours


A sleep supplement:

Starting off strong, a high-quality sleep supplement can be a useful tool for setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep. Our personal choice? mbg’s sleep support+. Combining the potent benefits of magnesium bisglycinate, relaxing jujube, and PharmaGABA(R), sleep support+ is non-hormonal, non-habit-forming formula with ingredients that are research-backed to support relaxation, as well as deep and restorative sleep.*


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An eye mask:

More and more research is coming out to explain the impact of lighting as we sleep–and namely, why it’s best to sleep in total darkness. But if you live on a well-lit street, total darkness might not be possible. That is, unless you have a sleep mask.

Personally, I never thought I’d be one sleep with one on, but since using Slip’s silk eye mask, I swear I’m falling asleep faster than ever.


An alarm clock (that’s not your phone):

Alarm clocks aren’t all created equal, and if you’re relying on your phone to wake you up, having it on your nightstand can not only encourage doomscrolling at night, but diving back in first thing in the morning. Switch things up with an alarm clock that simulates a natural sunrise, which will help signal your body to wake up–and keep you off your phone a little less.


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Your favorite plant:

There’s something so refreshing about having plants in your space, and according to integrative health expert, Stacie J. Stephenson, D.C., CNS, your nightstand is no exception. As Stephenson previously told mbg, she likes to keep fresh flowers in her bedroom, which help her feel calm, relaxed, and positive.

“I like to keep one perfect orchid in a pot on my bedside table. It doesn’t take up much room on that small space but it’s often the last thing I look at before I turn out the light, and that makes me happy,” she notes.


A soothing lotion or balm:

Any skincare aficionado knows it’s a cardinal sin to go to bed without washing your face. In fact, sleep specialist Shelby Harris Psyd, DBSM previously told mbg she never goes to bed without washing her face and putting on moisturizer.

And don’t forget about the rest of your body! Not only is a hand or foot massage incredibly relaxing, but when paired with a soothing cream, it’s that much more luxurious. This is why mbg’s assistant beauty editor, Hannah Frye, has been loving Alo’s Magic Multi Balm.

“About a year ago I started setting aside 5-10 minutes before bed to massage my hands and my feet. This ritual helps me relax and gives these often neglected skin surfaces a little TLC. My newest go-to product is the Magic Multi Balm from Alo–I’m always shocked at how good my skin feels when I wake up. It’s been on my nightstand since it launched, and I don’t plan to swap it out soon. Use it on your hands, feet, elbows, or anywhere else prone to dryness,” Frye says.


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Your favorite self-care product:

And speaking of self-care, why stop at your hands and feet? Use your winddown time to give yourself some extra love wherever you need it. In the case of mbg’s beauty and wellness editor, Jamie Schneider, she likes to give her scalp some additional attention before bed.

Schneider has been using Necessaire’s scalp serum, which she notes is non-greasy, fragrance-free, and nourishes the skin with peptides, hyaluronic acid, and green tea extract. “I swear by a nightly scalp massage for hair growth, and nothing feels more relaxing than kneading out all my scalp tension before tucking in,” Schneider says, adding that a quick pass with her fingertips soothes her scalp and mind.


A pillow spray:

Last but not least, if you’re someone who leans into the benefits of aromatherapy, you might want to consider using a calming room mist or pillow spray before bed, such as mbg’s Dream Mist. With lavender, sandalwood, roman chamomile, and linden blossom essential oils, this unique blend will make your sleep space smell irresistibly dreamy.


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The takeaway.

Our nightstands can help or hurt our sleep, depending on what we have on them. But with these “hot girl” essentials, not only can you wind down with ease, but you’ll drift off to sleep that much more soundly.

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