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How An Editor-Loved Sneaker Brand Is Promoting Conscious Shopping Today

Of course, staying eco-friendly is nothing new for Cariuma; the sneaker brand only uses ethical factories and focuses on making classic designs built to last using sustainable materials. For example, the company opts for natural rubber made from latex that’s ethically tapped from trees (so the rubber-producing tree doesn’t need to be cut down). It also swaps traditional memory foam for insoles crafted with recycled cork and organic mamona oil. Even the laces are a greener choice; they’re made with recycled plastic like the lining, threads, and logo.

What’s more, the classic designs are extremely comfortable. Our executive editor Hannah Margaret Allen swears by the Oca Low Sneakers, which she previously deemed her “no. 1 pick for every day.” Per Allen, the low-profile kicks are equal parts trendy and comfortable with just the right amount of arch support. What’s more, the lightweight shoe actually stayed clean throughout two months of consistent summer wear.

Cariuma Oca Low$78

If you’re looking for something a little heavier for winter, I’d personally recommend the Salvas to you. This chunkier pick has a faux leather upper that keeps toes protected from chilly drafts. The style also looks just as good dressed up as it does dressed down. In fact, I still wear these supportive sneakers to walk my dog and for a casual dinner in the city. After all, it’s hard to find a shoe that offers the perfect combo of cushioning, support, and style.

Cariuma Salvas$ 98

The takeaway.

Regardless of your pick from Cariuma’s lineup, you can’t go wrong knowing your purchase this holiday weekend gives back to something greater. And it’s a total win-win: You get comfy, cute, and sustainable sneakers built to last, and the rainforest gets 10 new trees.


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