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How Knowing Your Human Design “Type” Can Help You Reach Your Fullest Potential

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Manifestors make up less than 10% of the world’s population, and according to Brafman, they’re here to “get the ball rolling, to initiate, and then to back off and let other people take over.” They operate through deep bursts of energy followed by deep rest, with Brafman adding that “they might be able to outrun a Generator or Manifesting Generator, but they can’t keep that pace.”

And as Stiles notes, these are individuals who have an energetic aura, or energetic body, that is “closed and repelling.” This basically means they have a very strong presence, and their energy can be felt by everyone around them. “Their energy is here to initiate, to start new things, and to be a catalyst of change in the lives of people around them,” Stiles says. “And they’re really people who are designed to have freedom and independence–to be trailblazers and create new things in this world and in their own life,” she adds.

The caveat, however, is Manifestors can deal with burnout and shame when they feel they can’t keep up. “Their energy is like a slingshot,” Brafman previously explained. “They pull back and then they catapult forward.”

The Manifestor’s “strategy,” (AKA how they’re meant to respond to life) is to inform others. Their life theme is finding peace, which Brafman defines as a place where their initiations can start to roll freely.

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