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How This Antioxidant-Packed Multivitamin Can Help Fight Free Radicals*

Carotenoids are potent phytonutrients that help protect plants from oxidative stress. When we eat plant foods rich in these antioxidants, they become a part of our antioxidant defense system and support our skin, immune, eye, brain, heart, and whole-body health.*

Lycopene is a powerful lipophilic antioxidant that modulates signaling pathways and can even suppress cell progression and proliferation.* An eager scavenger of free radicals, lycopene supports multiple organ systems to benefit digestion, skin health, bone health, and more.*

Vitamin A (beta-carotene is the carotenoid form) is an essential nutrient that promotes cellular resilience, protects the skin, and supports eye health.* The famous carotenoid duo lutein and zeaxanthin are also important to eye and brain health, as they support visual and cognitive function throughout the lifespan.*

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