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How To Combat Screen Fatigue After Staring At Your Computer All Day

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“It has as many definitions as people who complain about it. Everyone seems to have their own description,” Anshel explains, adding: “If it occurs related to display viewing, it is typically described as ‘digital eye strain.'”

If you’ve ever worked a ten-hour day on the computer or binge-watched too many episodes of Stranger Things in a row, you know firsthand how staring at a screen can affect the health of your eyes, brain, and mental well-being.

“Excessive display viewing can cause poor performance (in school and work),” Anshel shares. He goes on to say that many people blame blue light for this correlation, but most of the blue light we experience throughout the day is from the sun, so blue light isn’t the main reason we should be concerned about overuse of electronic displays.

“Blue light does affect our sleep patterns, but the eye strain associated with computer viewing is more likely caused by the demands of the task exceeding the visual abilities of the person,” Anshel says.

Biologically speaking, our vision processing simply hasn’t evolved to keep up with modern screen usage.

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