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How To Make Collagen Powder Taste Delicious (Without Added Sugar)

One product that made the list of standouts? mindbodygreen’s beauty & gut collagen+, of course. In terms of taste, Lange reported the blend having an earthy flavor (to each their own!), especially when mixed with lemon and water. (Lange, if you’re reading this, we recommend you try our chocolate collagen next!)

See, it’s almost impossible for a powder product to be completely undetectable when mixed into a simple beverage like lemon water, even if it is unflavored (especially since our collagen peptides are complemented by seven unique micronutrients, botanicals, and bioactives). And while Lange tasted earthier notes, other reviewers love the flavor (or lack thereof) of our unflavored collagen powder–many even stir it into a cup of warm almond milk as a nightcap.

However, to satisfy all parties, we decided to list out a few ways to incorporate this powder into your daily routine that will no doubt taste delicious. Here, find a few different options we’ve tried, tested, and loved.

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