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How To Prepare For This Weekend’s Full Moon, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Note: Be sure to check both your sun and rising sign.


The full moon, Aries, is set to land in your fifth house of pleasure, creativity, and expression, according to Quinn. As she tells mindbodygreen, this period of time is asking you to step into your truest desires unapologetically, owning those fifth house qualities (which honestly come naturally to you anyway). “Make time for fun and make fun a priority–that’ll bring out the best in Aries,” she notes.


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Feeling cozy, Taurus? With the full moon lighting up your fourth house of family and home, you may very well be in nesting mode. As Quinn explains, you’ll want to focus on creating a warm home environment, knowing this moon may result in some ruffled feathers with family. Her suggestion? Use your strength to create harmony and peace for yourself and your loved ones.


This full moon should feel pretty smooth for you, Gemini, given it’s lighting up your third house of communication. Your sign rules this house, so you’ll feel right at home and your communication will be off the charts. That said, according to Quinn, you’ll want to watch out for any dogmatic tendencies. “Let your natural skill of communication create pathways to work with others in collaboration rather than domination,” she says.

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Opportunity may present itself to you under this full moon, Cancer, which is spotlighting your second house of money and possessions. As Quinn explains, the Leo influence of this moon could make overspending feel tempting–so avoid that. But otherwise, be open to possibilities, and if you get any sort of recognition or opportunity related to your income, don’t sell yourself short.


This is your full moon, Leo! Landing in your first house of self and identify, you’re in your natural element to shine–which is what you do best, after all. According to Quinn, this is a great full moon to focus on acknowledgment and validation that comes from within, rather than others. “Leo’s love acknowledgement from others, but should remember that acknowledgment first starts with themselves,” she explains.


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This full moon may feel particularly heavy for you, Virgo, falling in your 12th house of endings and the subconscious. According to Quinn, you may have spiritually significant insights around things that are coming to a close in your life, and the focus is on reveling in the magic of what the universe presents you. “Pay attention to the signs and notice how your subconscious reacts to these things–really dig deep and see what you find,” she adds.


You might be feeling social under this full moon, Libra, as it lights up your 11th house of friendships and community. Being one of the more social signs of the zodiac, Quinn tells mindbodygreen, this moon has a natural, easy energy for you since you love being around your community. That said, your best course of action is to simply enjoy the friendships you share and prioritize quality time. Full moon circle anyone?


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This full moon lands in your 10th house of social status and accomplishments, Scorpio. According to Quinn, given that full moons are about releasing, you can start to question what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for (in terms of your career and legacy). Reflect on what makes you feel truly proud, and if you feel that way now. That’s where you want to put your energy and effort, she adds.


You’ll feel right at home under this full moon, Sagittarius, as it lands in your ninth house of philosophy and higher education. This is the house your sign rules, so this full moon allows you to carry your inherent curiosity out even further. Get an invitation? Say yes, Quinn advises. In fact, any opportunity that presents itself to you under this full moon is likely a something to explore uncover–so let yourself get excited.


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This could be a deep and transformative moon for you in one way or another, Capricorn. It’s falling in your eighth house of sex and transformation, according to Quinn, who notes this is a time for you to tap into your inner world and pay attention to intimacy. You might be used to operating on work-mode all the time, but not under this full moon. Whether it’s intimacy with yourself or others, you’ll benefit from both right now.


This full moon spotlights your closest relationships, Aquarius, as it lands in your seventh house of partnerships. According to Quinn, “The focus is on relationship dynamics during this time, so this Leo influence is asking Aquariuses to question whether they’re happy in those dynamics–and make sure they’re speaking up for their needs to be met.” She adds that it’s also important to show up for others when they have needs they’re asking for, too.


Bring on the self care, baby! This full moon lands in your sixth house of health and service, Pisces, making it an excellent time to serve yourself in the healthiest ways. As Quinn tells mindbodygreen, “Pisces is one of the most empathic signs of the zodiac, so it’s easy for them to put others above themselves,” adding, “This full moon is asking them to put their own wellness first and allow ‘boundaries’ to be ‘synonymous’ with compassion.”

The takeaway.

While we all have a chance to let something go under this moon, what you release, exactly, will depend where this moon lands in your birth chart. But with your horoscope in mind and your favorite full moon ritual complete, this moon is a positive one, no matter your sign.

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