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I Had Mysterious Gut Symptoms For Years — Until I Made This Discovery

Six years ago I came down with debilitating gut issues. I got food poisoning during a trip to Mexico and then returned home, expecting everything to go back to normal. Before this, I had been fortunate to be one of those people who never thought twice about what I was eating–I wasn’t gluten-free, I wasn’t dairy-free, but I ate healthy. However, after the food poisoning, my symptoms never resolved themselves. Eventually, painful cramps and bloating led me to a gastroenterologist.

This was when I started on antibiotics. I was on one course, which became two, and then three courses–at that point I was still thinking there was a magic pill that could fix everything. Looking back, I desperately wish I could change that series of events, because I think the food poisoning may have resolved itself. But with everything that happened later, there was major damage to my gut.

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