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I Struggle With Attention — This Supplement Helps Me Excel In Work & Life

Since I’m the head of content here at mindbodygreen, you may be surprised to learn that I’ve struggled with attention my entire life.

As a kid, that looked like daydreaming in class, interrupting people when I got excited, and not being able to sit still. Now, I struggle with executive functioning skills, which translates to missing deadlines and ineffective time management.

I get distracted very easily by a ping on Slack or an email notification, and then I promptly forget the thing I was doing before answering that message. What’s more, my emotional state can be somewhat temperamental, and perfectionism is an exhausting coping mechanism.

I’ve tried all sorts of solutions. Medication left me feeling worse, and the supplements I tried didn’t make a dent in my struggles. Leaning on regular exercise and nutrient-dense meals kept me somewhat on track, but there are still some days where I can’t get into the groove at work or become mentally stuck by the volume of tasks I need to complete.

I felt resigned to a life of always feeling two steps behind, unable to complete daily tasks and chores like a “normal person.” That was before I met focus+.

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