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I Struggled With Painful Sex For Nearly A Decade — Until I Got This Diagnosis

Experiencing pelvic floor PT had such a profound impact on my life. Why had I never heard about this care before? When I tried to find an answer to that question, I discovered that while 40 million women every year suffer from pelvic floor issues, there are only a few thousand pelvic floor PTs available to treat them. And most don’t take insurance. Like so many other issues that only impact women, this was an area of healthcare that got little support or recognition–and that fueled my passion for it even more.

I reconnected with my friend who first told me about pelvic floor PT and we both agreed that we had to make this incredible care accessible to all individuals with vaginal anatomy, across the U.S. Together, we co-founded Origin, a company that specializes in PT for issues related to sexual health, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. So that includes things like pain with sex, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and recovery after a gender affirming vaginoplasty.

We’re not only focused on spreading the word to individuals, we’re working to educate other health care providers so they can refer their patients to pelvic floor PT. Many primary care doctors and even gynecologists and obstetricians are still unaware that physical therapy can help with these issues and eliminate the need for unnecessary surgeries. But once they learn about pelvic floor PT, they quickly become advocates.

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