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I Thought Body Oil Was A Waste Of Money Until I Tried This Clean Formula

After a month of coating myself in the lightweight oil, I’m prepared to admit my mistake. A phenomenal body oil does exist–and my stubbornness almost cost me the smoothest, silkiest skin that I’ve ever had.

What makes this dry body oil different?

The main difference between this dry body oil and others that I’ve tried is the consistency. It has a thin, lightweight texture that’s silky rather than greasy. This comes from the two base oils: sunflower and an organic safflower seed.

Both oils are fast-absorbing, essentially melting into the skin after making contact. As a result, the oil never feels thick or heavy like it’s simply sitting on my skin. And while you might think that means you need a lot of oil to effectively coat your body, I’ve found that a little goes a long way. The formula glides across the skin, never forcing you to rub effusively.

Let’s talk ingredients.

Of course, a good consistency doesn’t mean a beauty product isn’t actually making a difference. Luckily, this natural pick still boasts plenty of benefits. Not only does it lock in moisture, but the star ingredients have some pretty notable perks.

Sunflower seed oil earns praise for its ability to support healthy skin aging, thanks to high concentrations of vitamin E and linoleic acid. On the other hand, safflower seed oil helps support the skin’s barrier function with fatty acids. The result is an underrated healthy aging combo that also locks in moisture.

Plus, the star ingredients have some pretty impressive back-up, despite the formula containing just seven ingredients. Olive-derived squalane further supports the skin’s barrier by preventing transepidermal water loss, prickly pear seed oil adds antioxidants properties, and vitamin E in the active form of tocopherol acts as a natural stabilizer. The end result? An all-natural dermatologist-approved body oil that nourishes skin without parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, petrochemicals, common allergens, or the other 1,000+ ingredients regulated by the European Union.


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The body oil difference.

While I could wax on about how well it absorbs and how soft my skin feels, I think the “shave test” was the moment I knew this oil was different. Typically shaving leaves my skin irritated and I have to be extremely careful about what I apply afterwards (or my body breaks out in tiny red bumps). Unlike other body moisturizers, this all-natural one didn’t cause any stinging or burning. That meant I could finally give my skin much-needed TLC right after shaving instead of waiting a few hours.

This small difference alone was enough to get me on board with a body oil–but the formula’s long-lasting effect really sealed the deal. Not only does my skin feels silky right after application, but the feeling stays for hours.

The takeaway.

I’ve always wondered how other people can get silky skin without drenching their bodies in moisturizer, but I didn’t realize it all came down to body oil. When done right it can apply evenly, absorb quickly, and leave skin perfectly hydrated. So even though I once considered body oil a waste of money, I full intend to stock up on this natural formula.

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