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I Tried This Neuroscientist-Researched App & It Reduced My Anxiety

Since I haven’t had my therapist to bounce my ideas off of once a week over the past month, I’ve been forced to observe my own thoughts and come up with my own solutions to issues. But when that becomes overwhelming I’m thankfully that I have Neurocycle to lean back on, providing de-escalation tips for anxiety, actionable advice for dealing with burnout, and even methods for dealing with the unfortunate habit of jumping to conclusions.

I’m partial to the concept of following a pre-planned schedule each day, so the 63-day course is perfect for my slightly over-controlling tendencies, but if you enjoy working on the fly, you have the freedom to select audios that fit with your current mental space and address more specific needs.

Bottom line? No matter what path my mind decides to take me down that day, there’s a relevant neurocycle I can listen to that will de-escalate the situation into manageable territory. Think about it like a gentle podcast for your mental health. There’s even a 14-minute cycle on people pleasing, one of my most notorious bad habits.

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